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I am a very funny girl. I'm that crazy type thats loud and can find myself even annoying at times. I don't ever have any regrets and try to live my life to my fullest, just like my mommy told me. I am young and I don't take a lot of crap but the stuff i have had has made me a stronger person.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Uncle father.

My uncle is crazy & he is driving should i be trusting him.? Yes i do trust him; lol. That is like a father i have never had and i wish i had him from the beginning. He is such a responsible man and a wonderful uncle, father, person, and a easy person to get along with. Anytime you need to talk he has his ears open for you. He is a great source for entertainment and loves to read me Dr. Seuss books. He knows how to spell my name too unlike my REAL father a.k.a the sperm donor father of mine. I love you though Uncle father.

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