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I am a very funny girl. I'm that crazy type thats loud and can find myself even annoying at times. I don't ever have any regrets and try to live my life to my fullest, just like my mommy told me. I am young and I don't take a lot of crap but the stuff i have had has made me a stronger person.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friends til death.!

Well Deshun and I broke up. I knew it was coming but like every girl we dont want to see the end. With out him i feel like the same person and although i felt it was going to last i knew that i would find better. The whole time i was sad about him i would always go and rely on the 2 boys that are my best friends that i can trust the most. Josh and Dexter! Josh has always been there for me since day one and i trust him to death. He was number one in my shout out by the way! His mama has been so supportive of me and helped me out when i was going through hard times. I love his mommy. She is like my very own. I can tell Josh anything and always will know that i am his sister no matter what. We may have our ups and downs and pretend to fight but its life. I approve of his girlfriend but in the beginning i had thought that she stole my lil bruhh away from me. But we still make it a habit to talk everyday. Dexter!!! Dexter is an amazing friend that I have liked for the longest. Since we walked into math class together it was those eye that caught my attention towards him. He will always be like best friend / brother to me as well. Those words he preaches to me about is exactly why i go to him for anything when i need someone great to talk too. I must admit i do like dexter but i know as long as im living here i cant do nothing but continue being his friend. But maybe just maybe in the future we will be a couple one day. I hope so though, because he makes me happy. It was nice going to school with them and they are truly being missed alot by me. It makes me sad knowing in the people i just may miss out on this year. I love you dino & pooh.

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